Diffuser Plate:

Considering the significance of saving energy and its’ the related costs, applying diffuser plates would paves the way for reducing energy consumption. This optical plate creates viewers a more comfortable feeling when looking directly to the light source by providing better diffusion effect and increasing output light.

Product Feature:

  • Exclusive Optical Formula + Professional Extrusion Manufacture Process
  • All New Optical Grade Raw Material
  • Various Surface Structure Design
  • Various Transmittance (55% ~ 95%), Haze, and Diffusion Performance
  • Various Thickness (1.5mm ~ 6mm)
  • PS, PMMA, PC Materials for Choice
  • RoHS, SGS and UL Certificate


  • LED Office Ceiling Light
  • LED Down-light
  • Advertisement Lamp Box
  • Spot light
  • Tunnel light
  • Decoration light

PS/ PMMA/ PC Comparison:

Name Heat Distortion temperature (℃) Water Absorption (%) T/T (%) Price Characteristics Disadvantage
Polystyrene (PS) 90 0.5- 0.01 89 Medium Good hardness performance High quality/price ratio Easy turn yellow under UV light
Polymethylmethacrylate PMMA (Acrylic) 90 0.4 92 Mid~High High light transmittance Good weather resistance. Bad dimension stability Easy to absorb water
Polycarbonate (PC) 130-110 0.2- 0.15 89 High Good heat-resistance. High anti-impact strength Bad anti-erosion performance. Easy turn yellow under UV light