History of Radnour

Founded in 1990, Radnor Industrial Group Co. Ltd, is a global brand exclusively provided lighting products and through trading, importing and exporting. Radnour involved in international trade and created successful business relationship with the worlds leading companies which are as follows:

  • 1990, German Co., Alanod GmbH & Co. KG, producer of all kinds of anodized aluminum sheets used in lighting industries
  • 1990, German Co., SIBA GmbH, producer of all kinds of low, medium and high voltage fuses used in panel production
  • 1990, German Co., Alcatel Kabel, producer of low, medium and high voltage cables used in the distribution networks
  • 1990, German Co., Bartec, producer of low, medium and high voltage power cables used in the distribution networks
  • 2000, Italian Co., Pirelli Cables, producer of low, medium and high voltage cables used in the distribution networks
  • 2000, Turkish Co., Nexans, producer of low, medium and high voltage cables used in the distribution networks
  • 2002, Austrian Co., Edler Systems AG, supplying all kinds of special cables and wires, used in the manufacturing of cranes
  • 2006, UEA Co.Al Jaber Aluminum Group,  producer of composite Al sheets used in building facades, decoration, etc.
  • 2010, Austrian Tisun UEA Co., produces of solar water heaters
  • 2010, German Co., Solar world, producer of solar power panels
  • 2010, German Co., Resol, producer of control devices for solar pumps
  • 2013, Dutch Co., PHILIPS, producer of electronic ballasts, ignitors, lighting management systems
  • 2015, Taiwanese  Co.YongTek, producer of diffuser plates
  • 2015, Italian Co.TCI, producer of LED modules and drivers and electric ballast
  • 2015, Italian Co.KHATOD, producer of lenses and reflectors for the lighting industry
  • 2018, UAE Co., LITETECH, KPV
Finally in 2018 with more than three decades of experience and knowledge in lighting industry, Radnour decided to design and produce lighting products as well. After a short period of time, continuous activity and good reputation of Radnour made this company a leader in production of a full range of energy-efficient lighting products such as LED modules, LED drivers and a suite of indoor and outdoor LED luminaires, under Radnour, Welux, Levin and Phutoris brands. Since 2020, Radnour company is involved in international trade and successfully exports revolutionary lighting solution to different countries in Middle East, Asia and Europe. Due to the professional team and use of high-quality electrical components, Radnour has merited authority among its customers. Radnour. Co. Ltd., products are certified to be in compliance with the national and international standard such as INSO, CE, IEC, etc. We are proud to offer high-quality and environmentally friendly products, and focusing on reliable after-sale services to present the light of happiness to our customers. At Radnour we believe in QULITY and RELIABILITY. some of Radnour customers are as follows:

·   Yazd Electronic Lighting Industries / Far Lighting Industries / Arm Lighting Industries / Shabforouz Lighting Industries

·    Joshaghunnur Lighting Industries / Tabeshgaran Lighting Industries / Shoa Lighting Industries

·    Jahannour Lighting Industries / Mahsazan Lighting Industries / Nooraneh Lighting Industries

·    Tolidnoor Lighting Industries / Mazinour Lighting Industries / Tolidnoor Lighting Industries

·    Mahnam Lighting Industries / Mahnour Lighting Industries / Hamilux Lighting Industries

·    Golshid Lighting Industries / Kianour Lighting Industries / Kiasoo Lighting Industries

·    Hamid Lighting Industries / Arvin Lighting Industries


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