Radnour company started its work in the field of production, distribution, import and supply of goods needed in the Iranian lighting industry since 1369.

With the aim of providing quality products in the lighting and renewable energy industry, this company succeeded in obtaining the exclusive representation of the top global companies in the Middle East.

Considering the background and experience of more than three decades in the lighting industry, in 2017, relying on the accumulated experience and knowledge, belief in the internal ability and knowing the customers, Radnour decided to start the production of lighting products in Iran and carried out feasibility studies for the establishment of a manufacturing plant with The latest and most advanced machines have started to design and produce all kinds of modules and drivers as well as all kinds of lamps and LED lights.

Radnour Company Vision

One of the characteristics of Radnour company is to provide superior quality compared to other manufacturers and to provide worthy products and services to customers.
And the goal of this company is to become a popular brand of lighting products in the market and a continuous presence with the reflection of the light of happiness, trust and kindness in the lives of customers.
The high power of engineers and the deep understanding of all personnel from the concept of quality and customer orientation have made the products conform to the demands of customers and its quality.
In this regard, the company has implemented a quality management system based on the ISO9001 standard.
The main goals of the quality system are:
  • Carrying out research and development projects in order to increase technical knowledge and technology in the field of producing new and diverse products and continuous improvement of products
  • Establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with customers and understanding their needs and increasing their satisfaction level through timely and effective handling of feedback from customers, employees and other stakeholders.
  • Developing technologies and using new management tools in order to improve the infrastructure to provide quality products and services that are compatible with the environment
  • Continuous improvement and effectiveness in all processes of the quality management system to reduce redundancies, reduce service delivery time and reduce waste and provide quality products.
  • Training, growth and maintenance of efficient forces under the shadow of creating a suitable and creative environment in order to attract the intellectual participation of employees

It is obvious that continuous dynamism and maintaining the suitability and continuation of the company’s goals will be realized only with the participation and sense of responsibility of all colleagues, the strict supervision of managers and the adherence of the CEO to comply with the quality policy.


Radnor Company Mission

Improving the quality of life by creating more value for customers by providing innovative and distinctive products in the lighting industry.


mission statement

Radnour Company is a manufacturing-trading company in Iran’s lighting industry, which aims to provide innovative and high-quality products, by effectively exploiting advanced technologies and producing products with the brands Welux, Photuris, Levin, among the brands. It has been prominent and popular in the lighting market and brought quality and confidence to its customers with its agile organization and creative, expert and customer-oriented work teams. Moving towards international markets with the production of Iranian goods at the global level, scientific cooperation with research centers and world-renowned manufacturers, guaranteeing the quality and innovation of manufactured products along with a dynamic and global distribution network has made this company in the target markets as A value-creating company will become famous. We are proud to offer a complete basket of products with new styles to the market by receiving international standards and focusing on authentic and distinctive after-sales services, and to present the light of happiness, trust and kindness to our customers with the continuous consumption of our products.


Features of Radnour:

  • Special attention to the research and development sector as the foundation of creativity and innovation
  • Comprehensive continuous improvement
  • Attracting young and expert human resources with the aim of efficient development of human resources
  • Applying new and up-to-date technology in the lighting industry
  • Continuous and mutual cooperation with leading European manufacturers
  • Paying special attention to the needs of the market and producing products according to market trends and technological progress
  • Completing the product portfolio according to the market elasticity and productive demand of global markets
  • Focusing on providing efficient after-sales service to customers in order to win their trust and confidence
  • Consistency in quality
  • Specialized and dynamic research and development unit equipped with up-to-date laboratory
  • Comprehensive quality management system with ISO9001-2015 standard certificate

Board message:

We are sure that with the support of our dear compatriots, as in the past, we will be able to take great steps in the winding path of production for the self-sufficiency and independence of our beloved Iran and the benefit of the world’s modern technologies in our daily lives.
While paying attention to honesty, trustworthiness, confidentiality, organizational commitment and administrative discipline, let’s create an atmosphere of empathy and harmony in Radnour Company.
By guaranteeing the quality of manufactured products, we have taken steps to continuously improve the production processes and introduce our products to the market with a distinctive quality.
To offer new designs of lighting products to the market by monitoring the needs of customers and the target market in time.
To respond to the needs of the target market and the demands of customers with more teamwork and synergy and by exploiting all the capabilities of employees and the supply chain. Employees and sales representatives of this company work together like a big family and use all their strength in the way of achieving organizational goals.
At Radnour company, with creativity and innovation, we create a new attitude and turn it into distinctive products in the market. This is achieved with the presence of creative and expert employees and is considered our main organizational asset.
We create value in all areas of production and sale of products to target markets, and with practical commitment to social responsibility and maintaining the trust of consumers, create more value for society and customers.

By complying with legal standards, we make it our endeavor to earn income, and by appropriately responding to the demands of the beneficiaries, we obtain divine satisfaction in our business.

  • Compliance with the principles of professional ethics
  • Continuous improvement
  • Agile management
  • team work
  • creativity and innovation
  • Sustainable value creation
  • Earn honest money

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