Research and Development Department

The research and development unit plays an essential role in Radnour as the center of creativity and innovation. The production cycle begins with creative ideas of R&D experts, followed by research and discovery, and then design and development. By employing dynamic and creative experts, this unit is continuously trying not only to develop product portfolio by designing new products in accordance with market needs, but also to improve the quality of existing products and increasing the effectiveness of all production procedures.

Production Line

Radnour Industrial Group is proud to use the most modern production equipment, machinery and the world’s latest technology to offer a distinct quality. Training professional force and explaining a deep understanding of concepts such as quality and customer orientation has led to high quality products which are in full compliance with national and international standards. Reducing waste and harmful environmental effects is another important goal of this unit, which it strives with.

Quality Control Department

Quality control (QC) department plays a key role in Radnour Co. Having modern and high-tech laboratory equipment and the presence of prominent and experienced experts, QC department strives to continuously increase the quality in all aspects. QC expert try to make Radnour products conform to national and international standards as much as possible by conducting detailed tests and thorough investigations. The presence of the quality control team in all subsystems, from the most basic stage (evaluation of raw materials upon arrival) to the delivery of goods to the customer, is one of Radnour’s necessities.

Quality Assurance Department

The quality assurance (QA) department is another fundamental unit in Radnour. QA experts make sure that all organizational plans and goals come true through identifying all company’s procedures, then determining the monitoring and qualifying indicators of them, and finally  following up on proving and reaching them. This unit has made Radnour to move optimally and straight forward to its goals.

Commercial Department

The commercial department plays a very important role in Radnour. The commercial team of Radnour company concentrates on operating their area of assigned responsibilities on ordering the basic required components and materials on a timely precise schedule, all importing and exporting affairs, transportation and transit affairs, as well as all custom house related ones. This unit also carries out duties related to Supreme Council of Free Zones, receiving production certificates from the Payam Special Economic Zone, as well as insurance and banking affairs to help Radnour meet it goals and plans.

Marketing and Sales Department

The marketing and sales unit is trying to provide the best services to the society and lighting industry of the country by examining the market needs and providing advice and introducing products according to the demand. To contact this unit and get detailed information about the products, you can refer to the “Contact Us” menu.

Finance Department

Finance is one of the major pillars of any organization and an essential ingredient to a successful business. Finance department has a broad range of roles to carry out within or outside Radnour such as bookkeeping, management of company’s cash flow, budget, taxes, investments, etc.

After-Sale Service Department

After-sales service technicians provide after-sales service support to customers, such as the installation, maintenance and repair of the sold products. They take corrective actions to ensure customers’ satisfaction, resolve technical product-related issues and write customer summary reports.

Procurement and support unit

Procurement and support unit help radnour with  preparing pleasant environment for employees and Radnour by providing various services to such as carrying out matters related to the preparation and procurement of required items based on the schedule and priorities of the organization, transportation, cleaning, extra-urban and intra-urban transportation, holding ceremonies, etc.

Human Resources (HR) Department

qualified employees are a company’s most important resource and ca make up the decisive competitive advantage. This Department is charged for finding, monitoring, recruiting, training, administering employee-benefit programs to make up the workforce of Radnour.

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